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Volunteer Opportunities

NAMI Linn County is a non-profit, consumer advocacy organization that is maintained solely by its members’ generous donations.

We welcome financial support, but the most important resources you can provide are your time, energy, and talents!

Please contact us at 319-221-1184 or if you would like to help out with any of the following service activities, or if you have other ideas of ways you might support NAMI Linn County efforts.

We will never turn away an eager volunteer!



Job Description: We are seeking a computer-literate person to write and/or collect newsworthy selections and format them for a quarterly affiliate newsletter to distribute to our membership.  The newsletter is currently distributed electronically to about 120 members and by hard-copy mailing to about 25 individuals.  It is published in January, April, July, and October.  The NAMI Linn County Board will provide editing and guidance to the newsletter coordinator.

Job Requirements: 

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or another PC-compatible word processing program 
  • Must have basic writing & document editing skills
  • E-mail & internet access
  • This position does NOT require maintenance of membership distribution lists



Job Description: The Membership Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining current membership data, encouraging membership growth opportunities, and serving as a general liaison between the affiliate Board, its members, and the state and national organizations.  The Coordinator will gather NAMI Linn County membership application information from national, state, and local submissions, and will maintain an up-to-date Excel membership database.  The Membership Coordinator will also be responsible for spearheading the annual membership drive, which includes/may include creation and distribution of membership renewal notices (January), membership renewal courtesy calls (February), and other special events designed to maintain and/or increase membership (including sending thank-you notes and promotional items to new and renewing members).

Job Requirements: 

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel (database program)
  • E-mail & internet access
  • Comfort contacting current & prospective members to solicit annual dues & contributions
  • Should possess a desire to creatively develop & expand the membership base through marketing & promotion of services
  • May need access to transportation to distribute gifts & promotional items



Job Description: The Photographer will attend affiliate special events and activities and take photos using their personal camera.  They will then prepare and send the photos to the NAMI Board, Website Coordinator, and Newsletter Coordinator.

Job Requirements:

  • Must own or have access to a basic digital camera
  • Basic photography skills
  • Transportation to/from events & activities
  • Must have a computer with basic photo editing software
  • E-mail & internet access



Job Description: The Volunteer Coordinator will recruit assistance for specific tasks and projects, will respond in a timely fashion to prospective volunteers’ interest inquiries via phone and e-mail, will assign tasks (with Board input) and discuss responsibilities with volunteers, will oversee projects, ensuring that volunteers have adequate resources and direction, will report on task progress to the Board, and will send thank-you’s/gifts to volunteers after project completion.

Job Requirements:

  • E-mail & internet access
  • Must be comfortable soliciting assistance, organizing activities, & providing direction/feedback to individuals & groups
  • May need transportation to oversee projects



Job Description: The Public Relations Coordinator’s duties will include but may not be limited to the following tasks:

  • Create & distribute e-mail & hard-copy fliers for monthly affiliate educational forums, support groups, & special events to local media outlets
  • Prepare & send occasional Public Service Announcements & press releases to local media
  • Prepare & send event information to MediaCom community channel (TV)
  • Prepare & post weekly notices of events & activities in the KCRG/Gazette Community Calendar (online)
  • Prepare & coordinate paid newspaper advertisements for special events
  • Create & develop advertisements for community mailings (such as utility bills)
  • Create notices of activities & events for local radio stations (such as 96.5 FM)

Job Requirements:

  • E-mail & internet access
  • Good/advanced writing & document editing skills
  • Access to a computer with word processing & printing capabilities
  • Experience organizing & creating visually appealing advertisements & posters is desirable



Job Description: The Support Group Coordinator will regularly communicate with group facilitators to assess group status (membership numbers, resource needs), will help recruit replacement facilitators if needed, and will periodically update group print and electronic marketing materials.

Job Requirements:

  • E-mail & internet access
  • Must be comfortable soliciting volunteers
  • Must have basic document editing skills



Job Description: The Grant Writer/Donation Solicitor will work with the Board to seek relevant local, state, and national grants and assistance programs to develop and/or expand NAMI Linn County programs and initiatives.  These initiatives may include such things as funding for an administrative assistant and the leasing of office space for affiliate use.  They will also solicit and coordinate donations of food items, office supplies, printing/publishing costs, and other resources to be used for various affiliate activities.

Job Requirements:

  • Good/advanced writing & document editing skills
  • Some experience with grant writing is desired but not required
  • E-mail & internet access
  • Access to a computer with word processing & printing capabilities
  • Ability to organize materials & meet deadlines is required
  • Must be comfortable soliciting donations from local agencies, businesses, & individuals



Job Description: NAMI Linn County has an on-going need for assistance designing, writing text, and ordering/making/copying fliers and brochures which advertise NAMI services and events.  Marketing staff will also post these materials at Cedar Rapids area businesses and agency bulletin boards, as well as transport the materials to various events and meetings.  These tasks will occur on an as-needed basis with flexible scheduling, and may be divided among team members.  Document copies will be made at a local copy shop, while folding may be done at the shop or in your own home.

Job Requirements (not all are required every team member):

  • Basic writing & document creation/editing skills
  • E-mail & internet access
  • Access to transportation within the Linn County area
  • Space at home to create, fold, and possibly store fliers, posters, brochures, & other materials
  • Must be comfortable going into local businesses & agencies & asking for permission to post materials

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